Since the existence of Law and Informatics in Saarbrücken, JurPC, (founded and published by Prof. Maximilian Herberger), has complemented the study of Law and Informatics in close conjunction with the Law Web Saarbrücken (JIPS). Primarily, JurPC appeared in printed form from 1989-1996. All of those articles can be looked up in facsimile form on the Internet. Since 1997 JurPC has been a free, weekly Internet journal.

JurPC understands the study of Law and Informatics just as it is practised at the Institute of Law and Informatics in Saarbrücken. From this standpoint, Law and Informatics questions how legal professionals can improve their ways of working with the help of computer technology (including the Internet). Obviously this includes looking at new legal problems posed by new computer technology. However, these questions are not where the emphasis lies. Law and Informatics is not simply the study of Computer Law, it also incorporates important aspects of computer science (theoretical and practical), logic and legal method.